Meet the team

Progress isn't inevitable, you've got to put the work in. Nothing we do happens by accident – we have a dedicated team who work hard to run campaigns, produce content and put on events here at Progress.


Nathan Yeowell


Nathan joined Progress in August 2019 with almost 20 years of communications, campaigning, leadership and policy experience under his belt. This includes working for BBC Westminster, as Head of the Labour Group Office at the Local Government Association and most recently as Head of Policy at the charity think tank NPC.

Most importantly, Nathan is the only good cook in the office, which is shocking for five grown ups.


Stephanie Lloyd

Deputy Director

Stephanie joined Progress in December 2017 and has an extensive background in political and charity sector campaigns: she sits on the executive of LGBT Labour as treasurer and was previously president of NUS Wales.

Stephanie also holds the world record for most relatable reaction GIF and can usually be found explaining why Militant wasn’t a good thing.


Henna Shah

Programmes and policy lead

Henna joined Progress in January 2018 from the think tank Res Publica. She previously worked for an educational social enterprise and has extensive experience in issues-based and Labour campaigning.

Henna has probably read way too many books and can usually be found explaining that her witty jibe about Emperor Commodus is actually hilarious.


Katie Curtis

Events Manager

Katie joined Progress in January 2018 and has a background in organising, campaigns and events in the trade union movement and charity sector.

She’s a former NUS national women’s officer and longtime activist with experience as a parliamentary and European election candidate.

Katie is the enemy of Twitter trolls everywhere.

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Stefan Rollnick

Media and communications lead

Stefan joined Progress in September 2018 from Here for Good – an immigration charity – where he was working on communications and fundraising.

He has a background in science (which he never talks about) and used to help the Chatham House think tank with global sustainability research.

Stefan’s jokes are extremely funny passable at best.