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From the MPs in the Commons, to political organisers on the ground, our guests come from all over and make change happen everywhere. We're at the cutting-edge of British politics, bringing you updates and analysis from inside Westminster and across the country.

There's no topic too difficult for our witty and incisive team: host Henna Shah and regulars Alison McGovern MP and Stephanie Lloyd. From Brexit to Baby Trump blimps – they've covered it all.

Uncovered: Wes Streeting on Labour’s reaction to the pandemic

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Joe and Frankie caught up with Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Ilford North’s Wes Streeting MP, to talk about the changes and challenges that COVID has bought, the government’s failings on the virus— and how Labour has reacted.

Bridget Phillipson on how Labour can win again

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

At the inaugural Labour to Win convention, Shadow Cabinet member, Bridget Phillipson MP, gave a thoughtful and rousing speech on the electoral problems faced by Labour coming off a historically general election result and staring at 4 more years of Tory government. Here’s her speech in podcast form— it was too good for us not…

Andrew Adonis and David Taylor on Ernest Bevin

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Andrew Adonis‘ 2020 book, Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill, paints a picture of man far more central to a progressive Britain than he is given credit for. He formed NATO, founded the TGWU, was Minister of War during the coalition— and kept Communism out of Western Europe. Andrew’s conversation with David Taylor from LCID dives into…

The Return of the Progressive Britain Podcast

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

The Progressive Britain Podcast is back! Frankie and Joe tell you what’s to come…

(Room) 101. The War Against Reality with Peter Pomerantsev

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Peter Pomerantsev‘s parents arrived in London as political refugees from the Soviet Union and after being persecuted for their distribution of banned literature. They devoted their life in the UK to radio broadcast, working at the BBC – an organisation that liberated them in its impartiality and commitment to the pursuit of objective truth. But…

100. Party conference special with Patrick Maguire

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

We made it! To celebrate making it to one hundred, Stefan Rollnick manages to grab Alison McGovern and New Statesman’s political correspondent Patrick Maguire during a busy day in Brighton at Labour party conference to talk about how politics has changed during the two years since the podcast was launched. Stefan has another conference run-in…

99. Henna visits the Advocacy Academy

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Two years ago in south west London, posters for long-finished TV series and films started to reappear at bus stops. But instead of displaying the casts of The Inbetweeners and Harry Potter that many of us would recognise, these actors were different: they were black. A group of young activists from Brixton, supported by the Advocacy…

98. Narratives of hate with Cristina Ariza

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

In 2002, Anders Breivik, a computer programmer in Norway, began a nine-year plan to finance his 2011 terrorist attack – where he would take the lives of 77 people. Ninety minutes before the attack Breivik sent out a mass email with a far-right manifesto entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence.  Now, nearly nine years…

97. General election now with Darren Jones MP

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Henna Shah is joined by Progress director Nathan Yeowell, and Darren Jones MP to discuss the imminent possibility of a general election, the constitutional impact of the government’s actions, and what Labour progressives should be doing right now. 

96. The next step for Progress with Nathan Yeowell

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

In the last of our special series of interviews over recess, Henna sits down with new Progress director, Nathan Yeowell. Aside from a very serious conversation about the future of social democracy in the Labour Party, and the role of Progress today, we cover everything from Pontypool politics, to the 1992 election, and why Barbara…