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Why are there no black men on the NEC?

Progressive Britain (1)

Tower Hamlets councillor Amina Ali speaks to NEC candidates Jermain Jackman and Terry Paul about the experiences of black men in the Labour party, why there is no black men on the NEC and what the party has got right and wrong when it comes to diversity. This episode is the first in a series…

Pluralism, Not Populism. Chris Clarke on his book The Dark Knight and the Puppet Master

Progressive Britain (1)

Chris Clarke, author of ‘The Dark Knight and the Puppet Master’, speaks to Joe about the book and why a pluralist left is the way forward. They discuss the three populist myths detailed by Chris in the book and talk about their origins and political ramifications— from losing elections to inspiring antisemitism. Chris’ ideas are…

Dr Samara Linton on Diane Abbott and mental health

Progressive Britain (1)

Special guest Samara Linton is a Doctor, Writer and now radio Producer. She co-edited ‘The Colour of Madness’: an anthology of poems, stories and art about the experiences of minorities with mental health services in the UK. Samara also co-authored ‘Diane Abbott: The Authorised Biography’.  Henna Shah returns to host this episode with Frankie Grant, as they…

The EHRC report and antisemitism with Dena Ryness and Michael Rubin

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

For the last five years, Jewish Labour members had been told by many within the party that the issue of antisemitism was manufactured and exaggerated. The EHRC report into institutional racism in the Labour party acted as a vindication for those members and for others in the Labour movement who knew the extent of the…

Abena Oppong-Asare & Vaughan Gething in conversation for Labour BAME network

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Abena Oppong-Asare, MP for Erith and Thamesmead, spoke to Vaughan Gething, Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services, as part of a Labour BAME network event. In August, Abena produced a report on the effects of COVID on people who fall under protected characteristics. Their discussion focuses on this report and how to mitigate the…

Uncovered: Jacqui Smith, Strictly Come Dancing Star!

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

As the first female Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith draws on her experience to tell us her thoughts on how the government has handled the crisis and where the home office seems to be moving on immigration. We also discuss her role as Deputy Minister for Women and Equalities and her current position on the Labour…

US Election Special, Part II with Tiara Polite

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

For the second of two US Election Special episodes, Frankie speaks to her old friend and roommate Tiara Polite, Digital Organiser for Our Future Florida, who’s on the ground in one of the crucial swing states for November 3rd. They talk voter suppression, Biden’s campaign tactics and the Latinx vote. Tiara gives a firsthand perspective…

US Election Special, Part I with Amanda Renteria

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Joe speaks to Amanda Renteria, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 National Political Director. They talk about the state of the American social safety net and the state of American democracy before jumping into what to expect in November. Amanda’s experience from the 2016 campaign lends her strong credibility on this year’s election and her expectations may well…

Britain’s War with Daniel Todman and Rachel Reeves

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Why was World War Two such a pivotal moment in Britain’s national story? How did Labour benefit from the war and its role in the coalition government? And what can national crisis in the 1940s tell us about the Covid crisis today? Tune in to the first episode of the Progress History Project with Nathan…

Uncovered: Left Out— The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire have written the smash hit political book of the summer. Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn profiles the figures, the friendships and the arguments that defined the period of catastrophe between the 2017 and 2019 elections. In their interview with Frankie and Joe they answer some criticisms,…