99. Henna visits the Advocacy Academy

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Two years ago in south west London, posters for long-finished TV series and films started to reappear at bus stops. But instead of displaying the casts of The Inbetweeners and Harry Potter that many of us would recognise, these actors were different: they were black.

A group of young activists from Brixton, supported by the Advocacy Academy, launched the Legally Black campaign to raise awareness about the misrepresentation and underrepresentation of black British people in the media. This campaign, like many other campaigns run out of the Advocacy Academy, was driven and led entirely by young people in their local areas.

On this episode of the pod, join Henna on her visit to the Advocacy Academy and listen to her conversation with their commercial director Saba Shafi about how they’re supporting young people to create a more fair and just society and how the Charity So White campaign is tackling racism in the charity sector.

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