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Flicking the Switch on Social Care

By Joanne Harding | May 4, 2021

Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Adult Social Care, Joanne Harding, explains why social care needs to be seen and done differently

Anas Sarwar’s big debate night offers further hope for a Scottish Labour recovery

By William Bain | March 31, 2021

Scottish Labour has entered the Holyrood 2021 campaign in its best spirits for a decade. Anas Sarwar’s sure-footed performance in the first televised leader’s debate of the five week marathon until 6 May showed us why. For Anas, the priority is a Covid Recovery Parliament. One which heals a Scotland in which every family and…

There is a genocide in Ethiopia but the world is standing by

By Sally Keeble | March 17, 2021

The world is standing by, allowing a genocide to unfold in Tigray, Ethiopia. After all the promises of “never again”, there’s a deafening silence over the outrages taking place in one of the west’s “go-to” partners in Africa. At a recent 24-hour global lobby on the crisis, one of the young Tigrayan presenters broke down…

Presentation from ‘The Dark Knight and The Puppet Master’ Progress and Policy Network book launch, 10/11/20

By Chris Clarke | November 13, 2020

Watch the whole event here!

New stars, similar stripes: The next stage in the Labour-Democratic relationship

By Richard Carr | November 9, 2020

With the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a new stage begins in the Labour-Democrat relationship. This is fantastic – with the 2020 presidential election not merely serving as a rejection of Donald Trump, but a chance for a new kind of politics. It offers those on the left a significant opportunity. Though we…

‘A strong team of five million’ – New Zealand’s response to COVID-19

By Campbell Barry | July 16, 2020

As I write this, New Zealand has three active cases of COVID-19 and gone 69 days without community transmission.  A month ago, our Director General of Health, the Government’s chief health advisor, told us that had we adopted similar measures as other countries, we could have expected to have experienced 3500 deaths at that point,…

A turning point – or just another chapter? Why we must emancipate all our children from the never-ending fight for equality

By Gurinder Singh Josan | June 15, 2020

The last three weeks since the murder of George Floyd have seen a justified rage express itself amongst our communities. The Black Lives Matter movement has seen the black community, supported by others, out on our streets reaffirming that enough is enough and demanding change. But we’ve been here before. Many times. George Floyd being…

The legacy of subjugation corrupts American society – and shows us why we need to put our own house in order too

By Terry Paul & James Beckles | June 9, 2020

As night turns to day, another black man is killed by the police in the United States of America – and his death is ‘televised’. The response from the Minneapolis Democratic Mayor, Jacob Frey, to denounce the killing and sack the four policemen involved in the brutal death of George Floyd, was swift. But this…

Black lives matter. It’s in the name

By Mani Walcott | June 8, 2020

My name is Mani Walcott. I am a 24 year-old environmental engineer living in Maryland. I’ve written this blog in an attempt to convey to you, the supporters and members of Progress in the UK, why we need your support and your solidarity as we say enough is enough – Black lives matter. As a…

When it comes to black lives, it’s not just the thought that counts

By Kallan Marshall | June 3, 2020

I want to start with an admission, I did not watch the video. The one that went viral, that started what The Guardian is calling the ‘worst race riots since [the] 1960s’. Before you rush to judgement, I’d like to ask a question. When was the last time that you had to watch a video…