The movement for Labour's progressives

Progress is not satisfied with the status quo.


Since its foundation, the Labour party has delivered radical change to address economic and social inequality in our nation. It was this decision, to push for social change within our democratic structures, that changed the lives of so many.


Going forward, where these structures are insufficient we must change them; we must resist nostalgia and stay focussed on the future.


Our belief in pragmatism is rooted in our impatience to fight injustice. We are committed to meeting the needs of people struggling day to day in this country. We don’t dismiss lived experience in favour of outdated economic orthodoxy. We’re interested in implementing our values in the world right now, not one that has disappeared.


Changing the status quo means rebalancing power. We oppose populism, not because we oppose democracy, but because populism is a tool used by those who want to limit diversity of opinion and minority rights. We will stand in the way of those who wish to centralise power in the hands of corporate interests, or indiscriminately in the hands of the state. Everything we do is about protecting and increasing the power that lies in the hands of people and communities.


We believe there is a positive story we can tell about our history that doesn’t ignore the facts. We believe that the errors of our history have been, and continue to be, overcome by everything that is great about our country: its diversity, its openness, its unwillingness to leave anyone behind. As internationalists, we must cooperate with nations that share our values, especially our European neighours. Taking our place as part of the global community to forge a positive path is how we will address the biggest global challenges and right the historic wrongs of an old elite.


The Labour movement has always existed to upend the structures of power and change our nation. Progress is committed to supporting that movement, and to winning hearts and minds to achieve the change we need.

Looking to the future

Everything we do at Progress is rooted in our sense of urgency. Every day without a Labour government is another day people pointlessly suffer.

In the face of climate change, massive wealth inequality and political instability, it is essential that we are the party that people turn to as the guide out of this chaos – not just one of its contributors.

Supporting the next generation

The future of our party is bright.

The next generation of Labour activists, representatives and leaders are passionate and organised, and they're standing up for their futures.

From the climate marches to the campaign for a public vote, young people have been at the forefront of working for a better world, and Progress is at the forefront of supporting them.

Rooted in Labour tradition

Progress was established in 1996, but the tradition it represents – a coalition of social democrats and democratic socialists – has existed since the founding meeting of the Labour party in 1900.

The Labour party has only ever won power and changed lives because it is a broad church. That has led to some of our greatest achievements – such as our NHS, the legalisation of homosexuality, and the national minimum wage.