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Labour’s lockdown response

By Martin Edobor | April 22, 2020

Now in the fourth week of the United Kingdom’s lockdown, many of us remain apprehensive about the future. There is a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), the UK remains far behind testing targets and the high mortality rate, that we have become solemnly accustomed to, persists. The news that Royal Air Force planes were…

Older people, not ‘the elderly’

By Val Stevens | April 20, 2020

Where should I start? At the end perhaps, with the recent statements in the news that older people self isolating will not only be at the end of the queue for ventilators, but excluded from them altogether. Sign your do not resuscitate form here. Yes, I know there are often sound medical reasons why CPR…

Why we must resist the hard left’s ‘stab in the back’ narrative over antisemitism

By David Hirsh | April 16, 2020

The recently leaked, 860-page Corbynite report into the Labour party’s handling of antisemitism aspires to be the founding myth of the left as it re-groups. It is a classic ‘stab in the back myth’. It claims that the reason the Corbyn movement didn’t win in 2017 was because it was betrayed by its enemies within…