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From the MPs in the Commons, to political organisers on the ground, our guests come from all over and make change happen everywhere. We're at the cutting-edge of British politics, bringing you updates and analysis from inside Westminster and across the country.

There's no topic too difficult for our witty and incisive team: host Henna Shah and regulars Alison McGovern MP and Stephanie Lloyd. From Brexit to Baby Trump blimps – they've covered it all.

92. Bridget Phillipson: the fight to stop Brexit

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Henna and Stefan sit down to talk about Gordon Brown’s collaboration with HOPE not hate and the IPPR to stop a no deal Brexit from the bottom-up. Then Stefan heads over to Portcullis House to speak to Bridget Phillipson about why she decided to join the fight against Brexit, frustrating stereotypes about ‘The North’ and…

EXTRA: #TheNorthIsNext with Stella Creasy

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

In this week’s extra show, Progress interim director Stephanie Lloyd sits down with Stella Creasy to talk about her fight to extend abortion access to the women of Northern Ireland, going public about her miscarriage and Donald Trump’s latest comments about ‘The Squad’.  Be a progressive: Donate to the Abortion Support Network Support JLM –…

91. Champagne superover with Pearl Sangha

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Henna, Stephanie and Alison are joined by Pearl to talk about the dismantling of the welfare state, Donald Trump and criticising our allies, and what the hell we should do when Boris Johnson becomes prime minister.

EXTRA: Dealing in deeds not words

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Wednesday was one of the darkest days in the history of the Labour party. In this week’s review show acting director Stephanie Lloyd and events manager Katie Curtis discuss the Panorama programme on antisemitism in the party. They take an in depth look at the issues that came out of the programme, the party’s response…

90. The price is (hard) right

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

A bumper show: in part one Stefan sits down with Alison and Stephanie in Alison’s podcast *suite* to talk about the impact of the recent world cup, who’s funding the Conservative candidates and what that says about them, Labour’s NDA row and the return of Rory Stewart. In part two, Henna sits down with Fahmida…

EXTRA: Kick Out Chris

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Henna and Stefan sit down on a sunny day in Westminster to talk about what happens next to Chris Williamson, the Twitterisation of the Labour party, and which fantasy policies the Tories are debating this week. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy

89. ‘Allez! Allez! Allez!’ with Stephen Doughty MP

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Henna speaks to Ally and Stephanie about their world record breaking trip to France over the weekend, why Ally is combatting hunger with #makingendsmeet, and why we desperately need an independent complaints process. PLUS Stefan speaks to Stephen Doughty MP about (amongst more important things) Cardiff City FC, Europe, and big tech. Learn more *EP…

EXTRA: Future Britain Group with Darren Jones MP

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Stefan Rollnick sits down with Darren Jones MP, convenor of the Future Britain Group, to talk about what it’s like to be the first Darren elected to parliament, why the Future Britain Group is important, and what a Green New Deal would actually look like. *Join our campaign to resuspend Chris Williamson: Kick Out Chris *Subscribe…

88. Politics in the era of the meme with Oli Dugmore

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Henna and Stefan are joined by Ally and Oli Dugmore, head of news and politics at JOE, to discuss political communication in the era of the dank meme, whether anyone but Boris can sink his chances of becoming prime minister, and whether anything will have changed in the Year 3000. Learn more: *Matthew Goodwin on…

EXTRA: The people vs climate change

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Henna sits down with Stefan to talk about the climate crisis and how progressives should be making the argument, how Labour can be the party of Remain without just being the party of Remainers and what comes next in the Tory hunger games. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy