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There's no topic too difficult for our witty and incisive team: host Henna Shah and regulars Alison McGovern MP and Stephanie Lloyd. From Brexit to Baby Trump blimps – they've covered it all.

84. FFS: young people against Brexit


Millennials have ruined everything… and now hopefully they can ruin Brexit as well! On this week’s pod we’re joined by Richard Brooks from For our Future’s Sake (FFS), the youth-led anti-Brexit movement, to talk about Labour’s quantum Brexit policy, the European elections and what’s going to happen next in parliament. *Find out more about FFS 

EXTRA: standing up for equality


Henna and Stephanie discuss the run up to next week’s European elections, the return of sex and relationships education to the agenda, and why we need to stand up against Islamophobia.  Learn more *Wes Streeting MP on Newsnight

The Progressive Britain podcast LIVE – with Conor Pope, Cllr Paul Brant and Sam Jury-Dada


Henna is joined at Progress Annual Conference 2019 by Cllr Paul Brant, Sam Jury-Dada and Conor Pope to discuss which disaster movies best mirror Brexit, whether ‘pointy things’ is a useful description of Ancient Egypt, and (more importantly) what we can do to tackle the burning issue of youth violence.  Learn more: *Sam Jury Dada’s…

Extra: Is Labour the party of Remain? (Yes!)


Guest host Stefan Rollnick speaks to Stephanie Lloyd about a busy and bizarre week in politics. What does the treatment of Jess Phillips say about whether women are welcome in our politics, and where is Labour going wrong in our European election campaign? Don’t forget to use the code POD19 to get £5 off your ticket for…

Throwback: Interview with Jess Phillips MP


As we get ready for Progress annual conference, dive into the pod archives and listen to this interview with Jess Phillips – who will be giving the keynote address at conference. Don’t forget to use the code POD19 to get £5 off your conference ticket. Jess Phillips talks to Alison McGovern, Stephanie Lloyd and Conor Pope…

82. Women of Westminster – with Rachel Reeves MP


Henna and Stephanie discuss the crunch NEC meeting decision on Labour’s European election manifesto, opportunities for the far-right on 23 May, and the chances of a Tory split.