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When it comes to black lives, it’s not just the thought that counts

I want to start with an admission, I did not watch the video. The one that went viral, that...

Labour’s job is to get elected, not be the guardian of a pure and holy socialist flame

Hugo Collingridge tells us why he joined Progress – and why he spurned his youthful flirtation with the hard...

How Keir Starmer can forge a new chapter in Labour’s internationalist tradition

Steve McCabe MP Keir Starmer’s election as Labour leader has already signalled progress in tackling the scourge of antisemitism...

In the age of identity politics, Keir Starmer must learn from the mistakes of Scottish Labour.

Daniel Johnson MSP There is a certain ‘reaction’ Scottish Labour Party members know all too well. It arises most...

Labour to Win

Progress and Labour First are creating a new umbrella group. We're calling it Labour to Win.

Progress submission to the Labour Together general election review

Read the full election review submission here. Read Nathan and Joseph’s article on Labourlist: ‘Labour’s task of renewal goes...

The old politics is over – my priorities for the new Labour leadership

Peter Hain If the Coronavirus crisis teaches us anything, it is that the old politics is over. Our Get...

Why our Labour values must be at the heart of the new political order that will emerge from this adversity

Florence Eshalomi MP Last Thursday, as we paid tribute to our wonderful national health service and applauded our carers,...

In order to win, Labour needs a popular leader with a purpose

Chris Curtis Labour seems to be getting into the habit of losing elections, and it is hard to underestimate...

Why it’s time for Labour to take local government seriously

Joanne Harding This past year, my membership of the Labour party has been hanging by a thread due to...