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In order to win, Labour needs a popular leader with a purpose

Chris Curtis Labour seems to be getting into the habit of losing elections, and it is hard to underestimate...

Why it’s time for Labour to take local government seriously

Joanne Harding This past year, my membership of the Labour party has been hanging by a thread due to...

Labour has a chance to de-escalate the culture wars – or face the consequences

David Swift Any hopes that Labour’s election defeat on 12 December would lead to a period of quiet reflection...

Brexit will shape our politics in the 2020s – we need to own the challenges ahead

Jane Thomas Despite Boris Johnson’s claim that a vote for him last December would ‘get Brexit done’, the reality...

How do we stop the ‘Long Road Back to Power’ becoming Groundhog Day?

Chris Clarke If Labour learns the lessons of 12 December 2019 (this is a big ‘if’), then the party...