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Presentation from ‘The Dark Knight and The Puppet Master’ Progress and Policy Network book launch, 10/11/20

Watch the whole event here!

New stars, similar stripes: The next stage in the Labour-Democratic relationship

With the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a new stage begins in the Labour-Democrat relationship. This is...

‘A strong team of five million’ – New Zealand’s response to COVID-19

As I write this, New Zealand has three active cases of COVID-19 and gone 69 days without community transmission. ...

A turning point – or just another chapter? Why we must emancipate all our children from the never-ending fight for equality

The last three weeks since the murder of George Floyd have seen a justified rage express itself amongst our...

The legacy of subjugation corrupts American society – and shows us why we need to put our own house in order too

As night turns to day, another black man is killed by the police in the United States of America...

Black lives matter. It’s in the name

My name is Mani Walcott. I am a 24 year-old environmental engineer living in Maryland. I’ve written this blog...

When it comes to black lives, it’s not just the thought that counts

I want to start with an admission, I did not watch the video. The one that went viral, that...

Labour’s job is to get elected, not be the guardian of a pure and holy socialist flame

Hugo Collingridge tells us why he joined Progress – and why he spurned his youthful flirtation with the hard...

How Keir Starmer can forge a new chapter in Labour’s internationalist tradition

Steve McCabe MP Keir Starmer’s election as Labour leader has already signalled progress in tackling the scourge of antisemitism...

In the age of identity politics, Keir Starmer must learn from the mistakes of Scottish Labour.

Daniel Johnson MSP There is a certain ‘reaction’ Scottish Labour Party members know all too well. It arises most...