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Andrew Adonis and David Taylor on Ernest Bevin

Interview with Peter Pomerantsev

Andrew Adonis‘ 2020 book, Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill, paints a picture of man far more central to a progressive Britain than he is given credit for. He formed NATO, founded the TGWU, was Minister of War during the coalition— and kept Communism out of Western Europe. Andrew’s conversation with David Taylor from LCID dives into…

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The anatomy of a conspiracy theory, or why Keir Starmer was right

By Peter Bradley It’s one thing to criticise a government, an organisation, a group on the evidence of their misdeeds. We ought to do so. It’s quite another to indict without evidence. No reputable justice system could convict on that basis.  But in the twilight zone of conspiracy theory, as in primitive religion, belief trumps evidence.…

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Progress submission to the Labour Together general election review

Read the full election review submission here. Read Nathan and Joseph’s article on Labourlist: ‘Labour’s task of renewal goes beyond its next leader. And here’s the slide show version: The 2019 general election was a catastrophe. It was our 4th defeat on the hoof, losing 60 seats and giving Boris Johnson the Tories’ biggest majority…

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The old politics is over – my priorities for the new Labour leadership

Peter Hain If the Coronavirus crisis teaches us anything, it is that the old politics is over. Our Get Brexit Done government spraying money in every direction, state intervention in myriad unimaginable ways, a belated, blinking recognition that untrammelled global capitalism leaves billions of ordinary, hard-working people one shove away from poverty.   And this tragedy,…

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In order to win, Labour needs a popular leader with a purpose

Chris Curtis Labour seems to be getting into the habit of losing elections, and it is hard to underestimate how devastating December’s result was for the party after nine years in opposition. But rather than dwelling on the past, the party now needs to turn to the future and think about how it can rebuild…

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